Hello, so I just got a mixer with a UCA222 RCA/USB converter. And I cannot get it to record anything.

The converter came with an ASIO driver meant to work with this specifically, so I installed that, and I installed a lite version of EnergyXT2.5.

I set up EnergyXT2.5 to use the ASIO driver for the USB converter, but it won't record anything from it.

I plugged my headphones into the headphone jack on the converter, and I can hear it from there (sounds good) but when I plug my headphones into my computer---nothing.

I'm using a dedicated computer for this, I just put 32-bit Windows 7 on this computer. Its got 1GB of RAM, an 80 HDD, and a 3GHz Processor (singe-core I think).

I only have GTR3, Cubase, Audacity, and Reaper installed (and EnergyXT2.5).

PS: This computer actually came from a guy who gave it away, it had problems so he just gave it away, its BSODed three times but when it did I had Cubase, Internet Explorer, and Audacity open at the same time, or other huge combinations of apps.
First off, I suggest adding some more RAM. It's fairly cheap nowadays, and 1GB hardly gets you anywhere anymore (I have 3gb in my recording computer and it's good enough for most things, though it does occasionally run out). And to fix the blue screen, reformatting the hard drive might help. You'll just have to reinstall everything (which I recommend as opposed to backing up the entire drive first), but it might fix your problems.

On topic, have you set the system's audio input to the mixer/converter? When I was starting out with this sort of stuff, I forgot I had to do that for a while. Caused plenty of headaches.