a day ago i bought a second hand epiphone black beauty 3 from my local guitar shop.

heartbroken to find it has 2 3" hairline cracks from the nut round to the back of the fretboard.

guy in the shops says its normal, should i listen to him or get my money back?

thanks neebs!
send it back. if it breaks, he's sure as hell not going to give your money back.
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I thought this thread would be about you cracking your neck...

anyway it's definitely not normal
ye she going! shame to, thing is absolutely beautiful. thanks for the opinoins
It wouldn't be too difficult to repair the neck. Or you could just get your money back.
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i paid 360 british for it, dont want to be dealin with any hassle.
its a epiphone les paul custom, the black beauty 3. im lost what to get now, really liked the value for cash from the epiphones
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easy tiger! neebs is crazy ass west of scotland slang for neighbour

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