How many of you visit the front page when getting on UG? I've been defaulting to the forums automatically recently, i almost forget that other parts of this site exist...
Main page is my bookmark.
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I usually go to the front page after visiting the pit.
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Main page is my home page because I like to read the news section, then I can just hop into the pit after I'm done
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

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like every 5 minutes.
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I go to the front page every day, but I also have a link straight to the pit in my favorites so when I wanna come here I just click that.
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Gotta read the news
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I didnt know people bookmarked anything other than the front page...its all i have since i actually read/ write tabs, reviews and news instead of the pit
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Main page is one of my pinned tabs. I like to read the news sections, then i check any interesting posts here.
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Main page is my bookmark.

Mine as well.
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If the Pit is having a slow day, I'll brows reviews and interviews. Or check up the news if something's happening. Reading the comments sections in controversial subjects is always a laugh.
main page is bookmarked and i also have a UG gadget thing on my igoogle homepage so i can browse the news there too.
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I have the pit permanently opened as the first tab on my browser - and that tab is never closed.
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I recently put a bookmark in my bookmark tab for specifically the Pit, but I've always had a UG homepage one also.
i have two bookmarks, one for the forum, and one for the main page. main page is when i want tabs or general news which is rare really.

i consider them two different sites.
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I always do, actually
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I never go to the hompage. Cluttered crap and petty news about stupid bullshit I don't care about? No thanks.

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rarely. I start to type "ultimate" and the URL for the Pit comes up. I only go to the main page when looking for tabs, which isn't very often anymore.
I open the homepage when I leave my laptop and don;t want anyone knowing I go on a guitar forum >_>