I'm in search of an audio interface and a pair of headphones, as the title might suggest. In short I'll list what I'd want from both of them as well as my budget.

The audio interface:

Budget: ~$250

Use: I don't intend to make an album with it, but rather record the audio for covers to put on YouTube and as a tool for self improvement (listening to myself play and practice, recording the changes of a standard to loop so I can solo over them, etc.).

I'll be using the line out on my amps (I'm playing and recording through a guitar amp and a bass amp simultaneously) as opposed to micing them so I'll need a minimum of two inputs, but I'd like to have at least five incase my roommates and I want to record together.

Potential products: So I've been considering a Tascam US-800, but what puts me off about it is the fact that it comes with Cubase. I already have recording programs and I don't need to pay more for another one.

The headphones:

Budget: ~$200

Use: These will be my all around headphones. I'll use them to listen for pleasure, to help record, and more. I'll be living in a much larger and busier city shortly so I feel that I'll need isolation headphones. I had a pair of Grado SR80i headphones before, which had wonderful sound quality but leaked a lot. Generally what I'm looking for is a pair of durable (which I can't stress enough) isolation headphones with as good of sound quality as I can get within my budget.

I'm not playing FLAC files as I don't have a portable music player that can support them, but all of my MP3s are 320kbps. Also I'd appreciate something with a nice bass as I listen to tons of hip-hop.

Potential products: I'm currently looking at a pair of Direct Sound EX-29s, but I've heard that the sound quality is a bit sub par for the price.

Thanks for all the help!

Additionally I should note that while I'm usually in favor of buying items used, I don't think I'll be able to with these purchases. I generally like to test all of the items I buy used before purchase which means they have to be fairly local to me, which in itself wouldn't present a problem if not for the fact that I need these items within two weeks. Therefore I can't wait and see what pops up around me in the used market. If you do want to make suggestions based on my craigslist I'll let you know I'm currently in Cincinnati.

Also I moved the thread here from the Recordings forum as I thought this was a more appropriate place to ask.

for an interface I got a focusrite saffire 6usb. bought it just over a year ago, it's really good, comes with some pre amps as well
cost me about £140 does everything you desire!
you can probably get an even better one for a bit more!
Tascam US-1641 has treated me well for $180 usd
Go with m-audio, their extremely reliable and easy to use, I think the Fast track Pro has 2 xlr and 2 1/4 inputs, usb powered and for right around 200-250. Headphones? Im not really too sure about, but keep in mind with the right research you def dont need to pay 250 for a GOOD pair. You might as well just go get some ****in Beats by Dre and have them die in a year like everyone elses for that price. If your not a serious producer/sound engineer you dont need to pay a dime over 100 (and even thats still high) for quality headphones. Just read reviews until your blue in the face and decide, it wont make much of a difference either way. I would pay less for headphones (maybe like AKG K-44 for like 50-70 bucks) and take the remaining 200-250 and get a little tube pre amp, cause the ones that come stock with any interface aren't anything great. their enough to bring u up to line level but theres not much warmth or high gain without hiss and feedback
You've got a alright budget there, but I think if you spent less on headphones, and more on your interface, it would work out better.

for headphones, look at AKG and Sennheiser

here's a link for a very good website: http://www.iheadphones.co.uk/studio-headphones.html

for an interface, if you have Apogee Duet (if you have a mac) or the M-Box from Digidesign is also very good

hope that helped!
Thanks for all the recommendations so far. Realistically the most I'll probably spend on headphones is $120, but I really appreciate a good pair of headphones and if there are phenomenal headphones in the $200 range I'd be happy to pay for them.

Also I should probably mention that I'll be recording into a MacBook Pro if that influences any of the audio interface suggestions.

I recommend the Fast Track interfaces from M-Audio.

I have only used the Pro and Ultra myself, but was extremely pleased with the results. Both times with macbooks actually. Don't know about the lower end models.

The Fast Track pro is 4 input, and the Ultra is 8. Also, I have never gone directly in from an amp, I always mic my guitars. So, not sure on how good that's going to go but I can't imagine it being terrible.
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Also, I have never gone directly in from an amp, I always mic my guitars. So, not sure on how good that's going to go but I can't imagine it being terrible.

I doubt it'll sound as good as micing my amps (which is what I'd prefer), but I'll be doing most of my recording in a dorm so in order to maintain peace between my roommates and the other dorms I'll be going through the line out.

I think right now I'm debating between the M-Audio MobilePre and the Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini. Both only have two inputs, but I can live with that. This is more for me, after all, than my roommates.

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