So I've been meaning to get a new bridge pickup and I got the money for it yesterday. This will be my first venture into upgrading pickups, so bear with me.

My guitar is an Epi Les Paul Studio (with stock pups), running through a 6505+ 112.

I've been looking at the Dimarzio Crunch Lab pups, and they seem to be a good choice for me. By the sound of their description, they don't really do anything radical, they just enhance the broad range of your sound. Having never experimented with pups, I don't know exactly what I want.

What I do want is a bit more clarity when playing lead lines on the lower strings. I play mostly metal, and do a damn fine job at rhythm if I do say so myself. But I think my clarity suffers a little on lead playing and I think my pups might have something to do with it. Anyway, do the Crunch Lab pups sound like the right thing?

Please don't recommend another brand - I'd like to stick with Dmarzio since I'll be buying this at my local store.

And now to the important question: Is a pickup installation as simple as taking the old one out, and re-soldering the new wires in place of the old ones? I'm not extremely experienced with electronics, but my father in law is an electrician and could probably do it. And it's not like I'm incompetent with such things - I'm actually a pretty good welder and mechanic...
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The only problem you'll run into is if the two pickups use different conductor configurations (4 conductor vs vintage braid, among others).

Barring that, then yes: all you have to do is desolder the old pickup and resolder the new wires in the same place.

Good luck.
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