I have a fender GDC200sce. It has a solid spruce top and the rest is ash plywood, and rosewood fretboard, steel string. My problem is that is really quiet. When I compare to a laminate guitar, the laminate is almost twice as loud. Does solid spruce get any louder. What can I do to make it a bit louder.
no, it's unlikely to get louder. plywood IS laminate - just some laminate is better made or made with different woods. also different bracing, top thickness, body depth, location of bridge and other things contribute to volume.
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I agree with Patticake...not all solid tops are made equal. If you find an inexpensive (I hate using the word "cheap") solid-topped guitar, check the top thickness, the quality of the bracing and glue joints. I like my spruce about 1.5mm thick. Any thicker and there's too much wood for the vibrations to move through. Any thinner and you'll have no volume. Excess glue, especially around the braces, can redirect vibrations that are being distributed by the bracing. Thick bracing = less vibration transfer. About 9mm thick is acceptable I believe. Of course not All inexpensive solid-top guitars are built badly, but it never hurts to educate yourself.