I'm wondering. My Les Paul is currently loaded with '57 humbuckers in the neck and bridge. If i wanted to put Dimarzio Vintage Minibuckers in would they fit or is their some sort of plate i could put in?
Also does anyone have experience with the minis?
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I dont have a terrible amount of experience with this but i think you should be able to as long as you measure the sizes really carefully
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I'm not sure, but aren't those minibuckers the same dimensions as a telecaster neck pickup?

They should work with a "telecaster neck humbucker adapter ring"

Or if they're the same dimensions as single coils, there also exist "single coil humbucker adapter rings"
^nope, midibuckers are very different than a telecaster humbucker.

Most aftermarket minibuckers are based on the gibson minibuckers so you probably won't have any trouble switching them. You could always ask dimarzio. That said, I don't think the dimarzio pickups you are looking at actually improve on the tone of what you already have in your guitar.
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