Just picked up an RP1000 on CL last night for $225. My buddy Jeff bought a Black Cat Ring Modulator and flipped it on eBay for a couple hundred profit. So before it's packed up we recorded some jams with it. Both of us are plugged into my 67 Gibson Hawk, which has two inputs.

I'm playing rhythm on the RP1000 and responsible for all the bad notes Jeff does all the heavy lifting with two MXR Classic Overdrives and the Black Cat Ring Modulator. The Ring Mod kicks in later in the jam. The little Line 6 Backtrack sitting on the box is the mic and recorder. Here's picks of our setup and clips....

Black Cat Boogie
Slide Dreams
Black Cat Revisited


The RP1000 is awesome, I got mine for about $240 myself.
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Cool. You don't see those old Black Cats very often. Usually I just see the fuzzes.
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Apparently the Black Cat is a Maestro clone. My RP1000 has the Gonkulator ring mod and it does sound pretty cool. But there is no control in the Gonk for mod freq, which is how Jeff gets the wacky sweeping tones (starting @ 2:25 Black Cat Boogie and 2:55 Black Cat Revisited). The expression pedal in the pic is plugged into the control voltage input of the Ring Mod.

Seeing as how the Ring Mod are so expensive, even the simple Gonk goes for $200 on eBay. I'm thinking about building one with all the bells and whistles. There are schematics for Maestro online too.