alright, in the market for a low wattage tube amp again. Ive got a couple that i have keyed in on but am still totally up in the air. Heres my big three so far:

1. blackstar venue 20 (cant decide on combo or head w/cab
2. bugera v22
3. egnator tweaker 15 (again, cant decide on combo or head w/ cab

I really love the overdrive channel on the blackstar but not sold on the clean.
And the other two, i love the clean channels and the overdrive is great for most stuff but not quite where i need it to be for all types of music

So this is my delima, do i get the bugera or tweaker and just get a blackstar pedal for my heavy overdrive ? or get the blackstar and get a boost/reverb for my cleans.
I have played the blackstar but cant find a place that carries the egnator or bugera, so im really relying on you guys for opinions on these two.

i play a les paul w/ duncans and a fender strat with holy grails and my tastes range from SRV to pantera. I know that is a wide range.

thanks in advance
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A boost/reverb aren't going to make your cleans better.

I'd go for something that has better cleans because you can always throw a dist pedal in the mix. The blackstar pedals are good for that.
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I just picked up the Egnater Tweaker 15 head at Guitar Center this week, and it's been great so far. I recently got a second cab (Orange 2x12) and wanted a small tube head to plug in at home so I'm not lugging around a giant Marshall head back and forth to rehearsal and home. I play some clean stuff (John Mayer, Zac Brown Band), but I mostly play metalcore, but I want nice tone (think Parkway Drive or August Burns Red), so I needed an amp that would cover both grounds and do it well.

I tried out the Tweaker, along with a Jet City PicoValve, and the Orange Tiny Terror. Both the Jet City and Orange just had too much gain for me. If I were only going to play ONLY metal with them they would be ideal (The Orange just had a disgusting amount of gain when cranked, it was fantastic), but they both broke up too early to get any pleasing clean tones.

The Tweaker has a huge variety of tonal options for what you're paying for it, and it gets plenty loud if you need it too. It's got 4, 8, and 16 Ohm outputs, and an effects loop. Although there are mixed reviews on the effects loop, something to look into if you'll be using that.

I've played both my Epi Les Paul Ultra, and my Gibson SG with P-90s through it, and they sound great, the clean tone is nice and sparkly with plenty of headroom, and the gain is plenty for me. When I set up the EQ and channel options to play my style of metal, I only had to crank the gain to 1 o'clock and there was PLENTY of it. I really feel like this is a great amp to cover a variety of tones and styles. Not a bad price either.

(As a personal opinion, I would get whatever you go with in a head, and then get a speaker cab. I just like the feel of playing out of heads and cabs better, along with the weight difference. And you can always hook up the head to a bigger or smaller cab depending on your needs, very convenient.)

Hope that helps you know a little more about the Tweaker.
the blackstar is a hybrid

(the others may be too, but i know for sure the blackstar is- and the other two have an extra preamp valve, so even if there are some ss shenanigans going on in there, they're likely to me "more" tube than the Blackstar)

its preamp also based on the blackstar pedals.

Using that logic (and having not actually tried any of those amps, or the BS pedal, so take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt), I'd be inclined to buy one of the other two combined with the blackstar pedal- it might get you close to the best of both worlds.

EDIT: Though if you mainly play heavier stuff, then get the amp which is aimed at the heavier stuff.
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good stuff so far, thanks guys. Im thinking im going to go with the tweaker (or rebel, forgot about that one earlier) or brugera and get the blackstar pedal to get the best of both worlds.

Thanks again!!!
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well, i've been debating buying a Tweaker myself and from what i hear, its a EXTREMELY good amp; plays several genres very well and (apparently) it takes pedals very well
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Egnator, no contest. Whether to get a stack or a combo is totally down to personal choice, both have advantages and disadvantages.
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Here's the review of the Tweaker in Guitar World from just a few issues ago. Forgot I had read this, bought the amp, and then was reading back issues this weekend and saw it. Guess I subconsciously remembered it was a good amp haha

Honestly, that review looks like nothing more than a paid advertisement(like all guitar magazine reviews).

The blackstar may be hybrid, but I have heard them sound great. A guy I know owns the 40 and liked it as much as some of his other amps. And I'm talking soldanos and diezels. Not to say the amp is anywhere near that good, but people shouldn't knock them until they try it.