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well basiclly ive put some ideas of riffs and shit and this is what its done so far
i need some help to make it not so "generic"
please help mee!!

thanks beforehand!!!!!
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I think it became interesting at bar 26 and especially when synths kick in. Before that it was pretty generic breakdown stuff.
I think in the riff starting at bar 26 it would be nice if rhythm guitar would play more than just one chord so it would be more interesting. Oh and that part where it plays
000000 888888
000000 888888
is very generic, like it's used in a thousand metal/hardcore songs already, there's nothing wrong with it, it sounds good, but you may want to avoid that.

Overall it sounded nice so keep it up
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to be sincere, everything was OK, what i enjoyed the most was the synth, but the riff in your song is REALLY generic, and not just that, you use it through out the whole song and it gets pretty boring

but you are a good composer, just try not to use the same generic riff over and over the next time

and C4C please