Hey.I have an acoustic guitar and I have been using it for 2 years,without maintaining it well.Greasy stuff from my hands has got transferred to the fretboard and the sides of the frets.I tried cleaning it with a dry clean cloth,but the thing is ,it is already too dry.It can't get cleaned anymore.The waxy stuff has got 'stuck'.It isn't coming out.
What should I do?Use water?What else?anything in particular?

Also,should I remove all the strings before cleaning?It is a very tedious process for me and the strings are usually a little old on my guitar,so it isn't easy to put them back.So is it required?

How often should I keep cleaning the frets?
Thank You
You should use a small amount of lemon oil, or my favorite stuff to use is Dr. Ducks Axe Wax, it runs about 5 bucks a bottle and garuntees not to harm any part of your insturment, also helps prevent and treat fret oxidation.

DO NOT use water OR any household cleaners.
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of course you should remove your strings. NEVER put water on your fretboard.

my husband used to use lemon oil - and only a drop or two or the acid can soften the glue, which would be bad. now he uses martin guitar polish to clean and moisturize, but only a very little. haven't used dr. ducks, but seen it around.

btw, either you use lotion, have very oily skin or else your fretboard has a coating that's reacting to your skin oils. in any event, you might want to wash your hands with a non-moisturizing soap before you play and you play wipe down your fretboard with a clean, dry, untreated cloth to remove any oils.
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Lemon oil works great unless your fretboard is made of maple (never actually seen one myself) But when you apply the oil don't put it directly on the fretboard as this my cause to high concentration at certain spots. put the oil insted on a piece of cloth and wipe the fretboard along the frets, between every fret. i do this every time I change every third time or so i change strings.

Use as little oil as possible as excess oil will make your strings oily and unplayable.
Okay guys,but I couldn't find the Duck Axe Wax thing.I'll ask for a fretboard cleaner and try to find one.
Here's a link for Dr. Duck's, I use this all the time for cleaning fretboards on my e-bay used buys that are crusty. Put it on heavy, let it set for 15 min, and use a toothbrush to clean the fret area. This is also a good fretboard conditioner.

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