Hey guys,

So I've been using Cakewalk Music Creator 5 on my Dell Vostro laptop (with Windows XP) for the last 2 or so years. It has worked alright, but of course the damn laptop couldn't take all the beatings (the CPU, resources, live-feeds were killing it) so I finally got a new computer. It's a desktop HP Pavilion running Windows 7 64-bit.

The point of this post is, I took the Cakewalk program off of my laptop and put it on
the Desktop, and everything seems to be working except for this little feature that makes it impossible for me to do anything:
I usually import my guitar pro-made midi files into MC5 and then use a VST on them.
For MC5, this involves
1) Importing the midi file
2) Adding an audio track and adding the synth to the FX bin
3) Setting the output of the midi to the synth I just made
And that is supposed to work all fine and dandy but now on this computer
the volume of the synth automatically goes to nothing (e.i. silences itself)
whenever I try to play the tracks. I can roll the volume back up during play,
but whenever I stop it and try to play it again, the volume rolls back down.
This makes it impossible to record and export anything.

I think this happened before on the laptop when I first got the program but that was too frickin' long ago for me to remember how I fixed it.

Does anyone have experience with this stupid program or any cakewalk programs?
Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I downloaded REAPER to test out after hearing all the hype and I can't
see how the %*&# to use the thing, maybe I'm just too impatient and pissed off idk


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