Hi, somehow all the files on my Walkman NWZ-E344 became unknown and wouldn't play. So i pressed the reset button (the tiny little hole where you have to stick a pin into in order for it to reset). Now i can't connect it to my computer (I think it deleted its software to, because when i press the on button it loads then just turns off, with nearly full battery). What should i do?
Is the warranty still valid?

Anyway, try cleaning your computer, then reinstall that software. Then try putting the files on the mp3 using your software.

Try it?


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I'm not sure how much help this will be but I have a similar mp3 (the NWZ-S639F) and whenever I've wanted to clear all the music off of it I've gone into the Settings folder which should be the bottom left icon on the menu screen if yours is the same as mine. Then in the common settings folder there is a format option which just wipes all the files off of it.

I've never pressed the tiny reset button on the back so I don't know what happens but it sounds like it may have reset it to it's factory settings or something cause I don't see why there would be two buttons to do the same job.

All I can suggest is that you call the company's help desk or customer service or whatever and ask what you need to do to get it working again. If it turns out that it's broken you'll just have to see if you can get your money back or exchange it.

As for the software; if you're talking about the CD you get which you install onto a computer to copy files tot he mp3 player I wouldn't even bother with it. I just open up the mp3 player's files when I connect it and then drag and drop files straight from my music folder.