If the majority of the members of my band are under 21, do we need entertainer permits to play in bars, or are we unable to perform period? I'm unable to find anything on my state's website.

What's your state? I'm in Boston atm and the law (dunno if its state or local) prevents us youngins from being in the bar after 10pm
What state are you in would help us out some.

I'm under 21 and I've been doing sound in a bar for my friends band and my band has a show opening for them soon, but the thing that matter is the bar itself around here. If they are willing to allow someone under 21 in, they must be with the band. My best advice is to check with the bar you are wanting to play at, I'm sure they would appreciate you asking them rather than not informing them about it.
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My group play in bars from time to time and the youngest of us is 14. It really depends on the venue.
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