I'm looking for an axe. Been checking out Ebay, might as well see whats on offer here too.

Short on cash at the moment after getting raped in divorce

So...my days of having top end guitars are over. For now at least. Looking for something to keep me ticking over.

I'm easy on what it is, I'll consider anything. Whether its a low end axe, or something beat up from the 80's (these catch my attention) as long as its in full working order, I don't have the time to piss around. But my limit is £120 shipped. Has to be shipped to the Isle of Man. As far as I know most couriers cover here and Royal Mail so shouldn't be a problem.

Any offers welcome, here or by PM.
Hey dude. Squier Affinity Strat in sunburst with a maple neck with an excellent setup?
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