Hey, I own a Jackson Kelly JS32T and was thinking of changing my bridge pickup because the CVR2 pickups that it comes with are too muddy for my liking.

I was wondering what pots and caps I would find in my guitar, or any JS32 series guitar for that matter. Would the pots be 250k or 500k and would the capacitors be 0.02mfd or 0.047mfd?

Any information is really appreciated, thanks!
dime size 500k pots, all are audio I think, but I'm not sure.... tone pot may be linear

and .033 uF (microfarad) capacitor

That's what was in my JS series
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Alright thanks a lot!

Would you say that set-up would work fine with a DiMarzio DP152 Super 3 or should I got ahead and get new pots?
Thanks for the info! I've been playing guitar for two or three years now but only had my Jackson for two or three months so I've never really looked into modding my guitars until recently. Thanks for helping me out!