Hey everyone, How would you describe the Ibanez Wizard 2 Neck? (thick, thin etc.)

Is it good for shredding?

Thank-you, Adam
Well it's made of wood, has metal pieces all down it, and has nice inlays alternating every fret except the twelfth.
it is very thin and flat. That is all
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Thin , flat, and a little wide compared to other necks I have played. So far this is one of the most comfortable necks ive played on.
thin but not as thin as the MIJ ibanez necks. not as nice feeling as the mij necks generally either.
I didn't know there was a WIII neck out there yet...

I own an Ibby with one and it's something that I loved at first, start to think otherwise, and now realize it's a pretty nice neck for metal. Playing chords with it is easy, just maybe not the most comfortable. That being said, it's definitely nothing to turn you off the guitar. It's an overall good neck, I just think it would be better if it didn't have those shoulders to it and it was a little more round, like ESP necks.

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IIRC the Wizard III is like the Prestige necks with added thickness.

EDIT:Here's the Ibanez wiki
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it very thin. i now have a super wizard, which is similar, but i decided to get slightly warmer pickups to compensate for the thickness of it (or lack there of). then again i prefer the sound of thicker necks to thinner.

oh and its absolutely fantastic for shredding.
It's terrible for shredding, don't get it.

(No such thing as a neck "good" or "bad" for anything - individuals "shred" best on necks they are most comfortable with, whatever that size may be.)
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