Just registered today. I have been playing acoustic for a long time. Self taught and don't read a note of music. I would like to learn to play with tabs but have yet to find a site to make that easy. Might be too old to learn new tricks. Does anyone have any sites to suggest for me? Sure would appreciate it, Mark
tabs are simple

| those are the notes of the open strings

the numbers indicate which fret you should stop the strings at

1-24= first fret through the 24th(or higher) fret

normally tabs have keys at the bottom or top to indicate what other notation is(such as slides and bends)

edit: just so you know, its practically impossible to play a song with just a tab(having not heard the song itself) because tabs show practically no rhythm(sometimes above the tab there is letters above each note that tell you the duration of the note, W= Whole. H = half, Q = quarter, and so on)
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Tab is fairly easy to learn, and I can probably break it down in this post.

Firstly, tab doesn't generally include rhythm, so you'll have to know the song to get the timing down. The 6 lines you see (as opposed to the 5 in Standard notation) represent the strings of the guitar. Note: It's represented upside-down, such as the top line is the thinnest (high E) string, and the lowest line is the thickest (low E) string.

Numbers are placed on each line. These numbers represent the fret you are to press on that string. 0 (zero) means to play that string open, 1 is first fret ect. If numbers are arranged in columns (exactly vertical to eachother) then you play them simultaneously, as a chord. Othewise, tab generally moves from left to right.

You'll also see several symbols used next to the numbers, for example "XhY" with X and Y being fret numbers. This represents a hammer-on. 2h3 would mean to play the 2nd fret, then hammer on to the 3rd fret. "XpY" is the same concept, but with a pull-off. XbY is a bend, so 2b3 would mean bend the 2nd fret note up so that it's pitch is equal to the 3rd fret. X/Y and X\Y are slides. The first one (/) means to slide up from the first to the second note. The second one (\) is the opposite. Xv normally means vibrato. If you see a "pm" or "p.m." above the lines, it means to palm-mute that measure.

Also, if you see a chord name above the lines, and notes on the lines below, it means to arpeggiate (form the chord and play the notes underneath).

I think that's plenty to get you started. Enjoy and welcome to UG \m/
Whats wrong with this site. There are heaps of lessons here.Cheers