There is a lot of fret buzz on my guitar and was wondering if there is any downside to it. I usually always play through and amp so I never really hear it and I don't really mind, but when I'm playing unplugged there is a lot of fret buzz all over the neck, and it gets annoying. I read that if you raise the action you can get rid of the buzz, but is there any other way? because I like action that I have right now.
Where does the buzzing occur? All over the neck? Just on the lower frets? Just on the high frets? Are the notes dying out/getting cut short. If they aren't getting cut short and transfer well through the amp I wouldn't worry. You cant stop the buzzing without raising the action short of a fret dress which is expensive and unnecessary. If you want to get rid of the buzz you would have to put more relief into the neck or raise the bridge/saddles depending on where the buzzing is.
If you like how it plays now and you can't hear the buzz through the amp, it's probably not necessary to adjust it.

I have 2 Ibanez guitars so they have low action, but it causes a little buzz. I can't hear it through the amp and they play really well so it doesn't bother me.
It buzzes all over the neck and I don't really think the notes get cut short. It sounds fine when playing with an amp. And if I do decide to raise the action do you suggest I take it into a shop or should I just learn to do it myself?
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Check the neck bow. If it's bowed in toward the strings, you'll have to adjust some relief into the truss rod. If it looks fairly straight, the bridge could probably be raised a bit.

I think that was a poor explanation of what needs to be done. If you don't know what you are doing at all just take it to a shop. If you want to learn, I submitted an article on how to do a basic guitar set up. Take a look at it.
i mean you say you cant hear it? do you play metal? or do you play jazz?

put your amp on clean and play some chords slowly. also play indivudual ntes all over and then see if you can hear it.

distortion will cover that up and with heavy distortion it will almost get drowned out entirely.
I had some fret buzz a little while ago, tweaked my guitar a bit and now it sounds perfect...its really not a hard fix, i suggest fixing it even if its not bothering you