Hey does anyone know how to mod the newer black wii? A link would be greatly appreciated. I did google it but there is so much information and all I want is a comprehensive guide. Thanks in advance
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What do you mean by mod? Soft-modding is easy as hell, but physical modding is not. I did have mine soft-modded until I got my own PC, and then had no need for Wii emu's. There is a website out there all about wii soft-modding. Google for it.
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Actually, I have a wii and they're pretty alright. They're obviously not for a hardcore, "I like shooting shit and pretending I'm some kind of soldier" gamer, but they certainly can be entertaining.

That and when I can play games with both my almost 70 year old grandmother and my almost 5 year old cousin, that's real diversity in the markets nintendo can market their product to.
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Thanks guys and yah I do have a 360 but this is for my sister. gow3!!!!!
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