Hey guys,

So I have a squire Pbass. I bought it used and the bridge is kinda rusty, and one of the tuners is bent.

So I decided to replace em with some GFS stuff. I have experience with there pickups, and have nothing but good things to say.

I've decided on ordering wilkinson tuners. But does anyone know anything about their bass bridges? I'm looking at these two specifically



Any help would be much appreciated.
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if I was gonna go with anything I would go for that beefy one. in my experience if you go for the cheap gfs stuff its really bad, but if you spend more than the absolute minimum you get some good stuff.

I would still probably get a gotoh 201 though.
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I've had problems with their hardware in the past.
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Works for me, though it's all been guitar gear, I too just got a squier, does anyone know if that beefy bridge is a drop in replacement?