hey, im thinking of buying some guitar world magazines. So far I got about 3. I am not sure what issues I should get. I wanna get something worth keeping, you know? Doesn't have to be guitarworld, just want a really good rock guitar magazine with interesting stuff in it.

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back issues of guitar one is where its at

Yeah but which ones?

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Guitar player is pretty good. I'm subscribed to both GW and GP.

okay, what issues would you recommend?
There are two issues of GW that really stand out. I only have two of the issues buts it part of a four part series. I recommend December 2009 and Holiday 2009. Because they focus on alternate picking patterns across all six strings up and down the fretboard. While incorporating string skipping alternate picking both ascending and descending. Holiday 2009 shows you how to play freebird, while December 2009 shows you how to play A rite of passage by Dream Theater and peace sells by Megadeth.
Guitar World and Total Guitar
Look at the back issues. The more recent issues aren't very helpful IMO


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Total Guitar old issues from late ninetheens & Guitar Techniques, probably the best guitar mag!
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