im actually having a really rough time deciding what to buy!
either an:

Agile AS-820 Hollow-Body Guitar for $200
- I heard they sound awesome and are quite well made for the price, and it would be nice to have a guitar that produce some nice clean sounds for ambient and more indie songs (my other guitar has hot rails that sound like shit clean)

or a Boss DD-20 Delay for $180
- I have a dd5 and i like it, but it would be awesome to have the tap tempo and the BIGGEST sell for me is the 4 presets. they sound pretty awesome and i think the price is nice.

help me decide! would be cool if you owned either and told me how you like them
I like collecting guitars more than effects. Especially if your current guitar lacks something, I don't think adding more bells and whistles to your effects is the best way to go.
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well i think what it comes down to is - how much better is the dd20 over the dd5...
cause i could REALLY use the presets. and the onboard tap tempo, but i have never actually tried the pedal so i dont know how well it works. so thats why I ask the forum lol.
has anyone tried either of these products and could tell me some pros and cons.