So I'm getting a little tired of managing all of my pedals (Fuzz Factory, POG2, Clyde Deluxe, Jekyll & Hyde, DL4, Decimator G String) and was wondering if a TC Electronic Nova System would be a good way of replacing some of them and adding more effects while cleaning up my pedalboard.

FYI I use the chorus and reverb on my amp via footswitch and don't use any amp distortion, and ease of use in live performances is important.

Would the quality of the Nova's effects be comparable to the pedals I have now? Are there any other downsides I'm neglecting?
The Nova Sys is amazing worth every cent!! What amp are u using?
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
The main downside with the nova is the lack of a 4 cable method so you either have to have it up front or in the loop essentially disabling a few effects wherever you put it unless you wanna use the novas distortion at all times.
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If you're not going to use your amp's distortion, then yeah, it's a good way to go. And TCE effects are quite nice (from the new Toneprint models which are based on similar/exact algorithms/circuits of the rack stuff).
it beats pedal IMO, no more patch cables to worry about and bypassing to kill the tones
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I'm leaning towards the M9 or M13 now. I realise the quality of the effects won't be as good but the variety and ease of use in a live setting is too good to pass up (I tend to do the pedalboard dance a lot).

I just want to keep my good pedals at home and stop worrying about people stealing them or spilling beer on them to be honest