Poll: Is what your addicted to good or bad?
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44 32%
46 34%
I beat trees with tree huggers
46 34%
Voters: 136.
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What is something that your addicted to? Can be good or bad, within reason.

I'm addicted to chewing gum, if I'm in class, I have to chew it, otherwise I will go insane and beat trees with tree huggers.

EDIT: v Apparently, 5 seconds after I make the thread, you post.
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It's going to sound cliche, but music. Unless I'm sleeping, I usually have headphones on, or have my turntable playing a record every second of the day. I don't do well with the whole silence thing.
So you beat off trees?
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caffeine; good. keeps me functional and motivated
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Coffee, weed-Makes life bearable, so I'll say good.
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juice and coke. if there is orange juice in the house it will be gone within the hour. I love that shit. I can't see how it could have any bad effects.

cigarettes, too, but I smoke about two packs a week. I can't afford more than that.
Internet, music, Chester's Hot Fies.
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I got a fix quite recently, but I'm planning on going cold-turkey to get off it.

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water. thats right, water. if i run out in the middle of the night, guess what? midnight run to walmart to get some water! or i will steal some of my roommates. water is so ****ing good.
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I honestly think I have a slight addiction to masturbation
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Drugs(sorta), Ultimate Guitar, being sceptic, and sadism: Bad

Classical Music, Women, Knowledge: Good
UG, and the mafia game.

Playing the mafia game on UG. You guys should totes join.
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I'm in withdrawl.

OT: I'm addicted to depressing music. Not sure if that's good or bad so I voted for beating trees
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Benzodiazepines- Bad. Very bad. If I go more than a few days, I start getting horrible migraines. The longest I've gone without is 6 days; I felt almost total depersonalization, began having visual hallucinations, and was uncontrollably paranoid. According to medical sources, unsupervised withdrawal can result in epileptic seizures, or death.

Quetiapine- I have a permanent tic in my left shoulder, and can no longer fall asleep without taking it.

Amphetamines- Adderall, Ritalin, etc. Give it to me. NAO. I have a prescription, so it's all legit. But I loves it. Mah precious.

I actually have prescriptions for all of them, and I take everything but the Adderall exactly as directed. Addiction is the price I pay for a semblance of stability.

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water. thats right, water. if i run out in the middle of the night, guess what? midnight run to walmart to get some water! or i will steal some of my roommates. water is so ****ing good.

But water...clean water...tastes like nothing....how can it....taste....goooood?
I drive all day for work so I am listening to my iPod literally all day every day, unless I am at home in which I am listening to music on my computer or xbox. Other then that, nicotine, MMA, Windsor, guitar, and not losing my lighter. It's an OCD thing.
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