so i'm making my move on my first 7 string this coming month. after doing ALOT of research i concluded that these 2 guitars fit best my playing style:Schecter Damien 7 or the ESP LTD SC207. but i want to know other guitarists opinions on which of these 2 should i get!
I just got the Damien a couple days ago and I must say it is beautiful and sounds amazing. I would choose this guitar over and over.
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

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Have you tried them out? Thats the only way to know..
I absolutely hate esp 7 strings, but thats maybe just me
I actually kind of like the necks on Schecter's Damien and Omen series guitars... it's not as sticky as the gloss on their hellraiser series.

I've played LTD guitars and their necks are fat and have that sticky gloss finish I hate.

between the two I'd say the Schecter.
That's tough. Trying to look at it objectively past my ESP obsession, I'd probably get the Schecter, if for nothing more than the normal spaced pickups.

But what is your budget and location? There's probably better deals out there to be had.
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