just wondering how the EMG HZ H4's sound compared to an 81/85 and blackouts. also whats the difference between all the HZ's? I have heard the HZ H4 is the way to go.

my explorer has the HZ's in it, im not sure if there the H4's tho, but there not bad, at times they can seem a bit stale and twangy, in the neck they have some good cleans, otherwise there not bad

but id probly go with the active emg's or blackouts, or passive seymour duncans
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what makes the SRO's better than the HZ's?

Everything, the HZ's are more lifeless than the actives, and sound worse. The SRO's are based off a more traditional style pickup, being designed to do more than one thing, I've played a set, and I like them just as much as I like Bareknuckle pickups, super versatile.

Think of it this way, the HZ's were EMG's attempt to make a passive pickup something it's not, and the SRO's are EMG's attempt at making a passive pickup that acts like a passive pickup is supposed to.
okay thanks, I'll check them out. any popular guitar models have them? if so then ill look in some of the local stores.
i didnt mind the h4's in a jackson i had, kinda like them better than the 81/85 that i put in there. but i threw the two H4's into a gibby SG for the hell of it, and i really liked the 81/81 i put in there better. YMMV.

but looking at your sig, do you really need a third guitar with EMG branded pickups or actives for the matter?

i would look elsewhere for high output pickups.
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EMG HZ's... hm.

The typical H4/H4A set you see EVERYWHERE is pretty damn terrible.

That said, I have an H2N in the neck of my M-200FM, and I actually really like it. It's a lot nicer than the H4 I have in the bridge of that guitar anyway.

But neither of them even come close to touching the tone of the 81/60 set I have in my H-301.

If you're going for nice clean/bluesy tones, I'd recommend the EMG H2 set, but for metal, stay away from HZ's. Because you'll probably want the H4's, which suck ass.

Just ebay around for an 81/85 or 60 set. Sometimes amazing deals pop up.
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HZs are gross.
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