"F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a better book about birds than Daphne du Maurier..."

I've been right about a few things in the past.

I reread the first 4 or 5 pages of the Great Gatsby
quite often. I see myself in that character. His first
20 years and my first 20 years have been very
emotionally mirrored. It's somewhat similar
to hearing a song you swear was written about you.

My English Teacher in 9th grade (when I first read the
book) told me that the classic appeal was that the
author makes a specific note not to tell the reader
the character's name right out. That it was up to
me (the reader) to put the character into the place
that most resembled myself. I always liked to pretend
that the main character was a crow. I like crows.

It took a while, but I've found some familiarity in
those passages.
I've spent enough time chasing around my share
of unicorns and rainbows to have learned enough about
the world to predict what will happen when I come
back down from the clouds and find most of those
I knew still rooted deeply to the soil, afraid that the
high winds of uncertainty will cause their upheaval.

While I was fashioning my crudely developed wings
to try my hand at the bond and stocks business of the
post-war East Coast they found many reasons why I should fail,
and they found many an example of where I did to exemplify.
It's their way, of course. I'm not troubled.
I've wished more dreams than I gave up on.
By my count, I'm still coming out ahead.
Plants can't dream, just grow. And leech.

I haven't actually finished the book in years. There
isn't a part in which I fly home and perch upon some
of the taller trees there. They'd envelop me in their branches,
believing my talons were stakes by which I was embedded to them.
Believing themselves still essential to the crows upon which
they offered haven.

Crows and Trees are essentially the same.
They both reach for the sun, the things they desire.
Crows were just the ones brave enough to
fly further than they could touch the ground.

They tell me that I'll be burned by it's rays,
but I'm enjoying my nice feather-tan.
I think they don't know what they're missing.
I've been right about a few things in the past.
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Hitchcock is a director, not author.

Daphne du Maurier is the author of the birds novella.
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Me and you must have very similar tastes, as The Great Gatsby is by far my favorite book. To be fair, I always saw myself in Gatsby, not the protagonist.

I like this, a lot. However, I feel like you took much too long to say everything you said
For some reason I've always tied people I know to the characters in that book. It's odd, absolutely genius book, though.
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I loved the bouncy, childlike way you worded everything. Yet you always kept the reader on their toes with your sweet line-breaks and talented word choices.