Sorry for the onslaught of threads lately. I've finished this song MUCH quicker than anticipated. Anyways, here is the FINAL version of my song When I'm Gone.


Tell me what you think about the song overall, and any mixing issues that it might have. I'll be sure to review any material that gets posted here!

Thanks so much! C4C!

I normally go for a slightly harder edge, but I gotta say, I loved this. I would totally put this into the cd player in my 67 Firebird, and drive 80 mph straight into the desert sun.

I loved the full body of the vocals/double tracking at around 1:01. The breakdown and ambient instrumental at around 1:30-ish was VERY cool, a nice breath before it takes off again.

My only constructive critique is that the solo, although very well done, gets lost a little in the mix. You might want to remix with that track a little more out front.

The snare drum sounds kinda "poppy". Software?

This song spoke to me like a well-written novel.

Dude... That was a sweet ride!

Here's my latest if you care to return the crit...