Any ideas on the subject? I began my musical journey as the egotistical lead electric guitarist and a few years later here I am... Not really where I want to be but the best I can get at the moment...
I joined a band out of boredom (I live in a northern Utah valley so not many live shows or metal musicians are around) and helped the singer who I have been acquaintances with... Well, we've got some pretty good chemistry writing but since our musician pickings aren't the greatest where we live, our "bassist" as some guy who doesn't play bass... Or even own a bass...

Anyway, I'm ranting, sorry... I've always loved bass audible bands (hello, look at my name) and always wanted to be in band with that kind of bass sound. Now, I won't get that spirit or much creativity with our "bassist" and want to know how I can write bass when I don't have one accessible. I know which parts I want a little funky groove here or maybe a scale there or maybe this or that, but I can't mess around or tinker with one to hear it outside of my head... Any help? Thanks in advance
My suggestion would be Guitar Pro... Even though it's a little more difficult than doing it physically..
you could also just suckall the high end out of your ton and play the bass lines on your guitar on the clean channel. not the best thing to do but it works.
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Yeah the thing that makes me mental is when there is a guy whos a "bassist" but doesn't even own one and there isn't a plan in like a week to get one for next band practice and this bassist's amp isn't an amp at all.
If you have a mic... sing the bass line. You don't need an instrument to make music.
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