Before i start, i'd like to say that this is my first time posting so if this thread is in the wrong place, i'm sorry.
i am a guitarist, since i've started i've only really used a 15w practice now im in a band i need something that has the power to compete with the drums and other instruments and something that could possibly used for playing small bars i was thinking of getting this
do you think this would suit my needs(use during band practice/small gigs)or do you think there are better alternatives i don't have much money to spend at the moment but i think i could push the limits up to £300
Better alternatives for sure. I'd look into getting a small tube amp combo, from between 20 to 40 watts or so. What genres do you play? Are you willing to get something that's used?
I mainly play Metal/Hard rock i dont really mind buying something used but ebay isnt really my favourite place to buy stuff, also can you suggest some alternatives, i've been playing guitar for 2-3 years now but i really no my stuff about amps.
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Where about are you and what kinda styles do you wanna do man?

I live in Wales in the UK and i wanna play metal/hard rock