Tell your life story from beginning to now.

I was born Feb. 17, 1992 in Canton NY

I like watching the Fresh prince of Bell-Air.

I smoke a tobacco pipe.

I have been in more than one fight, most were uninteresting and didn't last very long. I have fought, in chronological order, my older brother x unk, older sister x unk (stronger than you'd think and a hard hitter), Zach Reilly x 3, Nick Lynch x 1 Micah Wood X 1, David Swope (after watching Fight Club), Steven Swope (sparring match with MMA gloves on).

My "amateur fight record" is 5 wins to an unknown number of losses.

I've only lost to my older brother and sister.

My older brother (7 yrs. Older), used to weigh 300 pounds in high school, so it's no wonder he never went down.

I chocked Zach out one time on the playground (elementary school), hit him in the head with a stick one time (elementary), and fought him bare fist outside of his house ( I was in the 6th grade at the time, he was in 7th).

He is 2-3 years older than me, and one full head taller, but he has asthma, so who fuckin' cares?

Micah Wood threw a snowball at me, so I shove his head into a snowbank.
His mom probably saw it from her car, it was a good day.

My sister gave me a bloody nose once because I threw a snowball at her, and hit her square in the face.

I don't hate any one group of people, but I believe in the practice of personal eugenics .

My current Girlfriend, Sam is 1/4 native American, 1/4 Portuguese, but don't call her a Latina. She's just a red skin native scalper person.

I've never been mugged, stabbed, raped, ETC...

I live in a small town called Baldwinsville NY.

I have never knocked a person out, so I can't pretend I'm Mike Tyson.

I have been banned from UG more than once.

Shout out to my main man Barak'a Obama.
Obama Killed Osama OMG
He also released his long form birth certificate.

America isn't as retarded as it smells!
People will assume you are British if you call them mate anyway.

I'm currently hacking twisted metal 2. Google TM2 Mod thread to find my thread.

I currently feel as if I'm in charge of Malaysia.

Some people say I'm bipolar, and I just kick 'em all in the nuts.

I've ingested psilocybin mushrooms a total of 4 times, and only had one really good trip.

My last bad trip landed me in a mental hospital in Ithaca NY, because apparently Syracuse doesn't even have one .

The trip started on 4/20, go figure...

I was there for like 3 weeks.

I was awake for at least 5 days straight ( you lose track of time).

It took 800 MG of seroquel to put me down.

I got in 1 little fight and my mom got scared... she said 'Damn it Andy, stop fighting...'
"Damn it Andy..." is an inside-joke at my house.

My nicknames include Andy, Droooner (my own word thank you), Grubby, and Ka Ka Poo Puu, pick 1 damn it.

My finger nails are dirty right now.

I pride myself on good spelling/grammar.

I have perfect pitch lol (not really) .

I had 2 GF's at the same time when I was a little kid, one for daycare and one for at home lol

I had zero GF's between Julia and Sam.

I don't remember the daycare girls name.

I moved away from canton NY in 1998.

I met my current GF last year, and didn't start dating her until about a month ago.

I don't do anniversaries lol

Just went to a wedding last April 20th

I hate everybody so much I could stomp their faces for fun, but I don't, hence the unknown number of total fight.

I took 3 years of German in High School, a and got a 98 on the final/regents exam die last year.

I'm super stocked on Al Gore, but not really I hate him.

Global warming is all hype.

The climate is really changing.

Happens all the time damn it, like the sun going up and coming down.

We can't really stop it, just slow it down.

The earth surface could be easily made baron by volcano, meteor anyway.

2012 is BS, nothing's happening.
It's Just Y2K all over again.

Loose Change is the biggest load of ******ry I have ever watched almost all of the way through.

English teacher's piss me off.

I want to make videogames professionally.

Here is my facebook/ portfolio:


I'm between jobs currently.

I don't give a **** about anything anymore, emotions are 4 pussies.

I seriously forgot about hitting Zach Reilly with a stick, until some other older dude (been to jail BTW) reminded me last week.

Your turn!


TLDR: **** OFF!


No I'm not blogging it, **** off.
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Here is my facebook/ portfolio

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I have a magnificent set of breasts.

I once beat up a polar bear.

3 times motocross champion.

I taught Hendrix guitar.

I live in a box underneath a Nepalese brothel.

My mother and father were both trees, my mum was a Rowan whereas my dad was a birch, they overcame many obstacles in their time.

My chest of drawers once belonged to Queen Cher of Andorra.

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