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You know, just before the band takes the stage they have the epic score to get people pumped up, or sometimes a superhero theme song.

What are some of the best ones you've come across?

I personally would have to say that Airbourne using the Terminator theme got me pumped up!


The Deep End - Aussie rock n' roll the way it used to taste!
Trivium, either the tune from final fantasy or end of everything
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gotta admitt when I saw Metallica and they played ecstacy of gold it was pretty epic, especially cause the whole arena was singing along
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Ecstacy Of Gold - Metallica

Black Sabbath (the song) with talking overtop, something evil, apocalypitic talk, sounded awesome, couldnt really tell what it was saying/remember it - Megadeth
Here we go:
it was actually f*cking awesome. I would probably say that was the best one.

The epic animated intro video for AC/DC black ice tour
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Carmina Burana, which was used by Ozzy Osbourne while Randy Rhoads was still here (like on the Tribute album).
It was also used at a graduation ceremony I attended, and gave me goose bumps as I entered the arena where it was about to take place.
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After the Burial have a sweet intro everytime i see them

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I'll take a different tack and go with Arctic Monkeys - Certain Romance. Is a pretty fun build when you've been sitting in the sun at a festival waiting for band change over for 30 mins
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not exactly good, but the guys who opened for Megadeth and Slayer in Eindhoven last month had this really weird country song as their intro.
Not good, but pretty funny
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for a metal band it takes HUUUUUUGE balls to do this

thats why i love this band

That's brilliant! I still hate metal though
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This awful local pop punk band from years ago used O Fortuna. It was class because it's an epic, scary sounding song then they just play Blink 182 knockoffs.
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Saw Godsmack at an arena in 2007 and their intro was "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC played with a montage of crazy footage from their early days. Got the whole crowd pumped! Then at the end of the montage it shows a helicopter facing the audience and it fires missiles and at the same time fireworks shoot towards the audience and the front of the stage explodes and they go into their first song, was the most epic thing I've seen at a live show!
Lol jks, she sucks.
I love the Beatles, Led Zepplin, The Kinks.
Just any old shit really.
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I think Metallica's use of ecstasy of gold as an intro is quite amazing too.

agreed - gives my chills and hairs standing up everytime
I want to say that Rush used some intro music from the Three Stooges on one of their more recent tours! But my mind is like my paycheck: going, going...............gone!!!!!!!!
The Megadeth intro did not too long ago where they had Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath playing. That song still gets me hyped.
Axl Rose and friends (new GNR) was the first into I've seen that was truly ****ing amazing. They were about 3 hours late (suprise suprise) and just when I thought of was going to be part of my first riot, the light went down. The into to Welcome to the Jungle played, and Axl came out screaming Do You Know Where The **** You Are." He held that note for what seemed like forever.

Another intro I will never forget was Korn. They opened with Blind, and when Johnathon screamed "Are You Ready," the crowd went absolutely ****ing insane. That was the first concert I have been to where I had to fight to stay alive.

Another great one I have seen that many of you have mentioned was Metallica opening with The Ecstasy of Gold. I can't really describe how incredible it was to see that.

However, the best, most amazing intro I have seen by far was actually Lady Gaga. She had a giant translucent curtain in front of the stage that would have video projected on it from behind. It started with some dance techno track with some weird slow motion video playing on the curtain. Then all of the sudden the music stops, and a giant purple light shined on the curtain displaying Gaga's larger than life shadow as the intro to Dance in the Dark begins.Words cannot describe how incredibly orgasmic it was to witness. I have never felt chills that intense before or since. I'm still suprised I didn't pass out.
I think my favorite is MGMT. But here are my top 5:

3-Jimi Hendrix
4-The Killers
5-Led Zepplin
Trivium doing The End of Everything.

Architects walking on to some music from Dexter.

Muse coming on to New Born, or some random intro at Wembley, it was epic.

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My top five have changed, as I am constantly liking different things. Here they are.

1-Sublime(with or with out rome)
2-Kid Cudi
5-Maybe stuff I make/me

Lol. Big change from before. Sorry bout #4. Can't think of anything.
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