Song is in my profile.

This is about my favorite project to date.

Recording quality wasn't the greatest, had some clipping and sizzle, but I was pleased with how the song turned out.

I recorded this as a demo to show my band. Hopefully they dig it and will add this to our setlist.

Lyrics below... Further info is in the song profile.

Enjoy! I'd like to say I'd do a C4C, but I'm kinda sporadic in this forum based on time availability. I'll try my best.

Sold Out
Live the American Dream
Utter your prayers aloud.
Sold out for a dream and a dollar,
Judas would be proud.

Governmental anesthesia
Whom are you believing?
Bent over, eyes glued shut.
Suppress objection, stifle your screaming.

Stand in line
Take it like sheep.
You’ve been sold out.
Sold out.

Rich man getting richer,
Wear his burden in shame.
Poor man takes his handout,
Smoke the rock, erase your blame.

March to your destruction
Future already cast.
Congress holds gun to your head
Wall Street inserts fist in your ass.