I'm aware there's numerous threads on this, but tbh I'm at a bit of a loss, could do with specific beginner modding help

Played first show with new band this weekend, was a bit mental, and my guitar went way out of tune. Obviously you can't really expect much stability when you're throwing it around, but I was thinking of upgrading the tuners.

However I'm currently staring at a variety of different ones and I've not a clue what the benefits are of each.

I've also heard people talking about replacing the nut to improve tuning - is this worth considering?

I'm looking to upgrade my PRS SE Custom first off, I play usually in drop D with Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms. I change tunings a bit, so a tuner that can move and then hold a tuning would be perfect, but if that's not possible I have back-up guitars I could just devote to single tunings. Not ideal, but can be done.

So yeah, to sum up, any help you can give me on new tuners and their individual merits. Looking for one that holds tunings, but I can also retune to more "awkward" tunings. Budget is about £100 ($150?)

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