Poll: Do you believe that your hearing has been damaged as a result of loud music?
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View poll results: Do you believe that your hearing has been damaged as a result of loud music?
85 53%
40 25%
36 22%
Voters: 161.
Do you worry about your hearing?

Have you experienced hearing loss as a result of your musical interests?

How many hours per week do you listen to music at a level that is harmful to your hearing?

Have you ever taken a hearing test?

Can you see yourself changing your habits to protect your hearing?

Write about your hearing loss stories here
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probly but i don't listen it that loud i usually play that loud \m/
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I know that I have tinnitus now and I think I could have partial heraing loss in my left year. Iv've been meaning to see a doctor about this, but my parents think I'm fine and I'm just being stupid again.
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What little hearing loss I have isn't due to loud music. It's due to loud F-16s.

This. I live less than a mile from the military airport.
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I don't really have my MP3-player that really loud... But I listen a lot to music, so I guess it could be somewhat troublesome in the long run.
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Heh, look at the poll, so far it looks like hearing loss is pretty much an occupational hazard for guitarists.

And teenagers with iPods.
I have hearing loss in my right ear after a stage accident where my microphone fed back into the PA system I was standing right next to. Remember: If you have a talkbox, don't stand right in front of a PA system with it on during soundcheck... While it's on...
I keep my music at a safe volume. However, when I first started jamming, there was one or two times where I decided I didn't need earplugs. I don't make that mistake anymore.
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My hearing is kinda damaged (I can't hear those really high pitched sounds that you can only hear when your young, I think the first one I can hear is the one 70 year olds and younger can hear), but I found out about it years before I really started listening to loud music. And even then, I rarely listen to music at more than moderate volumes, so I'm unsure.
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No, unless you count getting a hearing aid.

I'm losing my hearing. Not particularly bothered. I don't know anyones name, which hinders me slightly. I watch everything with subtitles.

The only real effect is that because I never know what anyones talking about, I never really listen to anyone, so I have no idea where I'm going, or why I'm going there.
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I have profound high frequency hearing loss in both ears. It's not that I used to listen to music at extra high volume but apparently my ears are overly sensitive and should be taken extra care of. I use earplugs when playing at high volume now. Can't afford to lose anymore of it. It sucks not being able to hear the high notes.
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I can hear much better with my right ear than my left. It really annoys me when i'm using headphones, I always think that something happens to the right(even when it's in front of me).

I try to listen to music at a low volume to prevent any damage.
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          No, because music that is painfully loud just isn't my thing.
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          Definately a bit. I never wear earplugs at gigs and when I'm there if I'm not in the pit I usually gravitate to the left side of the stage (as the crowd looks at it). When I'm lying in bed on my side, I can hear a definite difference in hearing quality between when I have my right ear buried in the pillow from my left.
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          On topic: I'm not worried about my hearing. I have really sensitive hearing and never have music too loud, and I can't afford to go to a lot of gigs etc. Compared to other people, my hearing seems to be very sharp (although I'm not always terribly good at distinguishing words), so I think I'm ok.
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          I have a very stupid theory about my hearing. I listen to my music way to loud and will probably go deaf before 40, but I'm hoping we'll have figured out how to reverse deafness by then, so I'll be all good.
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          Some great stories guys, thanks so much! If anyone has more to say, please do.
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          No, because music that is painfully loud just isn't my thing.

          Agreed. I like my music fairly loud, but no so much that I'm in pain while listening to it.
          my band practices in my basement and its pretty tight quarters and we play loud and sometimes really ****ing loud. and thats really ****ed up my right ear.
          I swear, one time a couple years ago, i lost all my hearing on one of my ears. It happened right after listening to the Br00talz metal with friends in the rain at full volume. It is the worst feeling ever, especially for a developing musician. Thankfully, my hearing came back weeks later.

          Whatever you do, turn down the volume on your earphones. Becoming Deaf just isn't worth it.
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          I don't usually play or expose myself to music at a level of music loud enough where it will damage my hearing. The idea of damaging my ears is something I worry about though. Particularly at raves or clubs where the music is far too damned loud.
          I believe so. Whenever I go to concerts, I always try to get up front, and that usually ends up with me standing right in front of a speaker. The last concert I went to, my ears rang really bad for 3 days. :/

          So yes, I'm worried about my hearing.

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