im no fan of behringer, but i did pick up their hellbabe wah a couple years back, i played with it fir a few mins, decided it was crap and put it away. lately i have been seein a few mods for it so i pulled it apart yesterday did a little messin around, and now it has a real usable sound. anyone here have any experience with this pedal or other mods for it, next im putting a switch in it so it will click on and off, want to get the sound right first. also it still wont do the half cocked sound unless you hold your foot in position, removing the spring and tightening the bolt does little for this.........
are behringer pedals that crap? thank god i was going to buy one
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pretty much, if your looking to do any kinda shows with it, id stay away from em. if your just looking to try out a new effect to see if you like it, then they are ok to get a 30 dollar idea, instead of 175-200 investment. i tried their digital delay before i bought my boss dd6
Nahhh **** no
their dd400 and uber 100 tremolo pedals are nice sounding pedals
i am gonna get both of these new for 60$
And ya no need to say their distortion pedals and wah suck
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i thought the dd400 was decent too. i replaced it with dd6 from boss when i could but nice sound pedal for the cash, after i cut the cardboard insert that that controls the optic sweep,the wah sound was much better, im wonerin ways to fix the bell n wistles part of this nasty little pedal