Hello everyone,

I need advice from experienced guitar players here. I looking to buy mine 2nd guitar. And mine personal preference is Jackson, but couple of other guitarists were trying to persuade me that Ibanez GRGR 121 is by far better choice. I don't like the neck on the Ibanez, and it seemed to me that it has weaker pickups.

I play mostly heavy(thrash) metal, mine current guitar is cheap strat copy. Mine intention is to purchase decent guitar, for long term period, which could be upgraded in the future(changing pickups).

I konw that that desnt come cheap, but within 250Euro (370$) range, i found these 2, do you have any other suggestions?

If I made some grammer mistakes-sorry EN is not mine native language.

And Thanks in advance.
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how much can u spend because although better than your strat copy, those are still beginner guitars
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Top budget limit for guitar is 370 USD(250Euro). And yes I am aware that they are beginner guitars, because I am still a bit beginner

I know that they are rubbish but one is probably less rubbish than other one, but maybe there are others, suggest freely...