what are your opinions on the crate gt1200h head, they are obv discontinued, and i was told to hold onto mine as it is a highly sought after ss amp????? i like it, but i have always liked something about crates.......... curious what you may think..........
yes it is good for SS, but it is still a CRATE and will proly have no resale value at all, even in 20 yrs!
thanx i found a crate all tube 50, the club kind, brownish color, and they want 350 for it at a pawn shop, they will take 200 usd, is this a good move, or amp as its a crate too. also i really dont intend to sell my gear, it just surprised me that head was "sought after", like i said i liked it, but i always like something about crates
thankx again
When my band opened for Agent Orange a few yrs agotheir guitarist used a V50 2x12 combo and a matching 2x12 cab. look in the back of the amp and see if the speakers are Tone Tubbys, if they are buy it for the speakers alone.