I've been looking at a 120W Laney Tube fusion amplifier, I believe the exact model is TF300. I've read that the clean channel is solid state and the two distortion channels are tube.
They have one in a local second hand store for rather cheap, and I'm wondering; will it perform better than a VOX AD30VT for metal and hard rock, mostly Metallica, Lamb of God, AC/DC, also some punk such as Ramones and Sex Pistols?

Will I need a distortion pedal to get the correct distortion for the heavier metal such as Lamb of God and similar bands?
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I'm still more or less a beginner, so I don't want to be spending loads of money on top range equipment. I don't have the money to spend anyway. So, what else would you recommend for the music I want to play, for under £200? Possibly stretching to £250.
I'd just stick with what you've got tbh you could go for a peavey vypyr or something which are probably better then high gain then your vox... Sometimes you can get killer deals on all tube amps for 250 notes but you gotta have the knowledge to spot them.