im a metal guitarist age 16
my influences are bfmv, miss may i, all shall perish, black veil brides, chelsea grin etc. i am also influenced by metallica, guns n roses, and older music like that too.
i have my own gear, i have an epiphone les paul standard, my amp is a fender 212R 100 watt, and i run a mt-2 BOSS pedal.
if your interested, send me a private message
or email me at
levinave@yahoo.com or
it would help if u had anything that showd ur skills???????
Living is a bless, most of the people just exist

i'm out of my mind, insane, and what i say is sht or doesn't make sense, still your reading this.
well thanks...thats obvious, but i dont have anything that i can take videos with and put them on here :\ BUT im working on that...i should have stuff up by the end of the week