I am planing on buying a two mic usb interface(an Art usb dual pre or a tascam us-200). But I have hopes of buying a Tascam us-800 in the future, if ever need be, for a total of 8 mic inputs. What I am unsure of is of the following

1. Do the interfaces have to identical or just the same brand? Or can they be different brands? However, will it run better if they are the same brand?

2. Would you connect both interfaces directly to the computer via the usb? Or somehow connect the two interface by s/pdif, and only plug one in via usb.

3. If you connect both directly to the computer, would you use Asio4all as your driver? or is there a better way?

4. Can you use the s/pdif in's to send work clock data to the two interfaces for better syncing?

5. And of course. Which one would you get given my plan, the Art dual pre or the Tascam us-200?

Sorry for all the questions, I have been trying to figure this out my self by looking on google, but I am only getting more confused.
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Still looking for answers, if anyone has them.
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I stand corrected...but I don't see why you just wouldn't sell the one interface to put towards the other once you get money. I know for me to get my 8 channel interface soon I am gonna sell the gear its is going to replace and some of my other older stuff.
No no, you're right about the one driver thing. It looks like AISO4ALLv2 just allows the single driver to run multiple devices. I agree with you, though. I'd rather put what I have toward getting the final desired piece of equipment instead of ghetto rigging some stuff together.

Edit: I'm sure there could also be some latency problems using multiple interfaces. Probably just a lot easier to use what you have until you can upgrade.
The reason is because I couldn't ever sell an interface in the region I live. Very small town, and I am the only one interested in recording here. So i would have to sell it online. I was also interested in asking because the same technique could be used to hook up a couple of bigger interfaces.

But thanks for your input, It's very much appreciated
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If you have two computers I guess you could technically take your 2 output interface (hooked to computer 1) record two instruments....run the output into a a 6 channel (hooked to computer 2) and give you 7 outputs....
If you were to instead get interfaces with firewire ports, you can daisy chain them. Connect one firewire port on the interface to the other firewire port on the interface. That's what it was made for. Plus, USB won't be able to handle multiple tracks all that well.