Hey guys,

I am looking for a brutal vocalist wanting to do an online project. All I ask is that you can scream well, and have decent recording equipment. I am looking to go pretty far with this stuff online. Head over to my profile and check out some of the tracks I have recorded and let me know what you think and if your interested! Thanks
I'm possibly interested. I liked the music on your page. I'll work on putting some of my screams up on my profile
I plan on writing forever, so I am open to multiple vocalists. I already replied to Spwee, and Jlink- let me know as soon as you do. I am open to all genres, but I am pretty much covering alternative-death metal right now. So, just let me know! Thanks guys.
Update: New song uploaded to profile titled "Oblivion_DRAFT.mp3" there is no bass track, and the song is still in production, however I was pretty excited to get this one out for all to hear.