Hi guys how are you ?

I have been playing bass for a while. Im an ex-guitarist and not a master abouth bass. I have been using my friends old bass ( ıbanez GRS2000 or something).

Its time to give it back to her but im limited un budged. I was thinking to buy a cheap Harley Benton from thomann.de but saw this offer in my local shop.


This is a great discount.. and looks like this is a very good bass ( neck thru and better quality than my ibanez)

But there is 2 problems.

1) It says this bass is 8,1 KG , most of the bass i used is under 5 kg. This is not very important but 3kg looks like much.

2) I really like slap-pop tecnique , i mostly play with a pick or slap, but still it isnt good enough when playing lower strings in gigs. I mean im not slapping clear ( hitting E string..)
If i get a 5 string i think it will get worse but im not sure.

Im gigging. Like 2-4 times a month + started to play in a bar every weekend.

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Yeah trying to improve muting too. I normaly do it with my pinky but my fingers are too short to do it while standing

palm mute..

What do you say abouth its price? it has a %60 discount , and at least cheaper than 50-100 euros elsewhere.

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I've played nothing but 4 string basses. Just occasionally as I never owned one, just guitars. But, I just bought a 5 string a few days ago and I was adjusted to have the extra string before I even walked out of the store.
I went from a 4 string to a 5 string quite easily. My main issue was that my tuners wouldn't pick it up the B string. So I traded an old free one I got when I was 10 for a Korg and I never had that problem again.
Im using my bass with my guitar processor , Zoom G9

It takes time to pick bass sound but its still ok. IDK what you guys thinking over it but guitar dist. sounds nice

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