That was extremely kvlt, grim, necro and frostbitten. Me like, but you should pan the guitars more/double track the riffs, cause it sounds pretty mono now. Also, I would not use EZdrummer for black metal (or anything at all, for that matter). I recommend Superior Drummer instead, or just use EZdrummer for the cymbals and separate samples for the kick & snare, using something like Battery by Native Instruments or Drumagog to trigger them. There's some good samples over at ultimatemetal.com's forum.
Well i write the drums on guitar pro and then repalece them with Ezdrummer...if Superior drumer has the same option il defenatly try it.As for the guitars i realy dont know much about recording and all i do is record 2 guitars and add the other stuff.I will apretiate any hint that may be useful for better recording


I saw the program.It has good samples but i dont think i will share 40gb for a program .If you can recomend me something about 3-4gb disk space i will try it
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