After reading around on here I have come to the conclusion that upgrading my tele might be a good idea. Now I know I want to do stuff like better tuners, but I think the first port of call would be the pick ups (or both). I know that locking tuners are the way to go. My issue is pick ups as my tele is a Squier affinity. I was thinking of still keeping that single coil look, but want more metal oriented pups in there. Is it possible to get a sc that will be good for that (EMG, SD, etc.)? What would you reccomend for bridge and neck? I would also prefer to get a set of SCs so I don't have to deal with routing and changing my pick guard and bridge. Also I would have someone install this so I don't screw it up, how much would Guitar Center charge and take to do this?
Seymour Duncan makes several options for teles and strats that are pretty kick ass. I suggest checking out the rail pickups they make
for what your guitar is worth ($250), and what pickups ($75+ each)/parts cost (tuners are $50+) and install price, you'll be money ahead with a new guitar. I just don't think its worthwhile spending close to, or more than, the guitar is worth to upgrade it
GFS 3 saddle bridge, with toploader, GFS tele rails etc, GFS is your friend, they even have a $20 bigsby style vibrato, so you dont spend $175 on a new real one...
Hmm, thank you, part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade is that I kind of found the jewel in the rough finding a really well built affinity that plays like a dream and has an awesome neck. I know the pickups blow major and so if I replace them and then possibly the tuners at a later date, I know I can have a much better guitar that can last. Also I just want to keep the hard tail bridge that is just preference for me.