After about 6 months of waiting due to incompetence and earthquakes, finally got my ESP Horizon. Here are some pics and my initial impression after several days of ownership.

I decided to go with the blue finish (which is sexy as hell IMO) and it got here safely without a scratch. I can't really comment on the factory setup because I had it setup professionally by the tech at the store but he told me it was pretty good.

As far as playing it goes, its a dream. I decided to go with this guitar because I am so used to the ESP necks (I had a jackson RR5 before this) that I had to get another one. The one thing I am still getting used to is the ebony neck. I have played almost exclusively on rosewood necks so it is kind of weird sometimes. That being said this guitar is extremely fast and I feel like I play better with it.

Soundwise, it is pretty much what you would imagine a guitar with SD pickups would sound like (playing out of a Splawn ProMod). It has a JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. Both are set up for coil tapping and I am having a lot of fun messing around with that. I have always loved to JB pickup and it sounds great in this guitar as well as the others I have played. I am not sure how I feel about the 59 though. It sounds really good, but I think I prefer the Jazz pickup a little more.

The only outright complaint I have about the guitar is the tone knob is a little sluggish. I can't spin it as quickly as a tend to. This may be deliberate though since the volume knob is fast and smooth.

Overall, this guitar kicks ass and I am glad its finally here. Its a kickass guitar for sure but it is up there pricewise. I paid 1200 USD for it but am extremely satisfied with the results.

On a side note: ESP stupidly decided to not include a case with this guitar. I don't understand why they did it.... The case in the last pic was extra but seems really sturdy and hold the guitar really tight.
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