So I'm looking to get another JJ ecc83s or 2, and I was looking at buying them here. Would it be worth the couple extra bucks to get them tested for high gain?

Are they high enough in the gain category for there to be a significant between one tube and another?

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Assuming your ordering from TubeDepot, I spent the extra $4 for the Microphonics and matching test instead of the high gain. Considering you're planning on getting JJ's, im assuming as well that your not wanting high gain, which having them tested for high gain on their site means they're going to ship you high gain JJ's, which kinda just seems like mental masturbation to me.
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What would be a better alternative for high gain? I've seen a few alternatives, but I'm not really sure what to believe and I don't really have the money to burn on a bunch of different tubes.

I was told the JJ's ARE high gain, but have read from other sources saying they're not really.

(These tubes are going into a Laney AOR, basically a JCM800 clone in the V1, 2 and 3 positions. The JJ's I have sound better than both the Tung Sol and GT 12AX7R's that I had been swapping around)
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
If you want more gain (and I cannot stress enough how bad an idea it is to try to get more gain out of your amp with preamp tubes) then the high-gain test JJ ECC803 is what you want.

Again though, if your amp doesn't have enough gain for you, and the tubes aren't totally shot, you have the wrong amp. All a high-gain tube is going to do is make your clean channel worse.
Considering I don't really like the one I have, I'd say it isn't. I am also looking at clean boosts with the hopes that one will push my tubes without smearing the distortion my amp is putting out.

Thanks for the suggestions though. It's not like I wanna make my amp some kind of uber-br00tz amp or anything, it's just a bit short in the distortion department.
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
I ordered a Tung Sol and got the high gain test. According to the box the gain was tested at 115/110 (standard gain for a 12AX7 type is about 100) so I don't think it was worth it myself.
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