Hay, my guitar fell of my strap and dropped on the head stock and it got broken like this

Can I fix it by a guitar thecnition or by myself or do I have to buy a new neck ?

Also if I can fix it by myself how to do it?
Do you have the other piece? How clean was the break? More pics?
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clamps and glue can fix it, but that picture makes it super hard to see how clean the break is ..or..where it even broke :/

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looks to me like it broke off around one of the headstock ears and it cut into the hole for the tuner. if you have the chip then glue it and clamp it, leave it over night then sand any excess glue off and put the tuner back on.

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Here are some more pics. This is the best quality I managed to get out of my web cam.

you can fix this.

First, loosen all of the strings or remove them. Then, before applying glue, try to clamp the piece in place. Since the one piece is a corner, the clamp may want to slip. You want to make sure that the clamp can be tightly applied without slipping. Keep in mind that if the clamp slips a bit without glue, it will slip alot after glue is applied.

If it does slip, give us more pictures ot the headstock cause you may need to rig up some clamping jig.

IF it seems like the clamp is not slipping, use tite-bond for glue, clamp and then let it set for a few days or up to a week before putting the tuner back in and stringing it up. You will want to make sure that any glue inside the hole is scraped off to avoid splitting the headstock again.