I want a marshall and I play mostly metal, but I've read that marshalls are more classic rock amps. Can they do 80's metal including Metallica without distortion pedals? If so, any recommendations? If marshall doesn't fit the bill, I'll likely get a peavey 6505, but I really prefer a marshall for purely superficial reasons, lol. Anyway, ty in advance for any advice
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for metal, either the jvm series or the kerry king signature, but for metal id rather go for the 6505.

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Marshalls can do Metal, the 8 and 900s are great Metal amps when they're cranked up good and loud.
jvm 205h, jvm 410h, jcm 900, jcm 800k, Slash afd. And I've heard people boost the jcm 2000 tsl, but you have to boost it alot. I like the Jvm's alot.
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Get a marshal based amp. I like splawns. They are basically hot rodded marshals. But if you want it for superficial reasons:

Get a JCM 800
Get a tubescreamer
Boost JCM with tubescreamer
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JCM800 models were used for metal in the '80s a lot. You just had to boost the hell out of them. The Kerry King signature 800 is a model that is purpose-made for thrash metal. Many used models are floating around ebay and craigslist, some of which have been modified for use as metal amps specifically.

The JCM900 and JCM2000 models also do metal fine, though they neither nail '80s tones, nor do they excel at modern metal tones. They're more in-between, sort of a modern rock tone for the most part. The 900SLX and 2000TSL are probably the heaviest sounding ones. This forum seems to dislike the TSL a lot, but I think they're pretty cool amps. The SLX is even nicer.

The JVM is also worth a shot. It's made for versatility, but I never had the chance to try one (just listened to others playing them), so I'll shut my cake hole about them.
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Best Marshall metal tone to date imo. Check out the youtube